How to be more productive at work?

Every boss or manager would be happy if their employees’ productivity is increased.  Increased productivity means increased output which translates into increased profit. Employees also like to increase their productivity, because the more productive they are the more valuable they are to the company which means that at least their take-home-pay would be higher.

If productivity is so important, then how to be more productive at work? When it comes to being productive at work the most important component is motivation. Motivation can be both intrinsic and extrinsic.  Rewards such as increased pay and bonuses are extrinsic motivation.  But the most important type of motivation comes from within – we try to be more productive because we like to me more productive. This is a well researched and well debated subject.  This is why increased pay and material rewards do not always make employees more productive.

How to be more productive at work? A simple method is to work longer. This is commonsense. If an employee works longer, rest assured, he will produce more output.  This is not always possible due to labor issues.  If an employee is rewarded with a pay that is commensurate with output he will be motivated to work longer.  Japan was literally ground zero after World War II but was quickly able to recuperate and became one of the biggest industrialized nations of the world.  It is mainly attributed to their work culture.  A 12 hour workday was (and still is) more of a rule rather than the exception.  But as people of Japan realize that there are more important things in life than literally die doing work, Japan is also adopting the strategy of decreasing working hours and increasing output in whatever hours they work.  In other terms they are also thinking about how to be more productive at work.

How to be more productive at work?  The key is to be focused at work. Keep workplace chit-chats and personal emails to a minimum.  Also while we do this, it is important to know the output we are supposed to give. If something can be measured it can also be delivered. While working, note down the things that increase or decrease productivity.  Also, motivation is of paramount importance.  It is the job of managers and bosses to keep their employees motivated. A workplace filled with eagerness and excitement is bliss. And let us strive to make our workplaces one like that.