There are serious flaws to our education system

As a part of my current job as typist near a University, I am regularly encountering all sorts of thesis reports.  From an undergraduate level to Ph.D.  These tomes are a part of their requirement for the award of the Degree from a University: whether it is B.Com, BBA or MBA ; or M.D. for medical doctors, and Ph.D for teachers.  What I see is terrible standards of writing.

My job as typist, and MS Word Specialist, is to edit all these reports into printable form so that they can be digitally printed and bound into a presentable format. Spelling is a problem for many. The universally accepted convention is to follow either British or American spelling throughout the document. Follow either British or American spelling, but there has to be consistency.  I suppose the culprit is the default dictionary in our word processor like MS Word. Most people have an American dictionary installed, and since Indians like to use British spelling, things can get complicated.The solution: change the dictionary.

Even some doctorate level scholars do not know the difference between ‘effect’ and ‘affect’. The government effected a change, and it affected people. It has to be as simple as that. I still consider these scholars to have domain knowledge, but it could have been better if their English is impressive also.

But when it comes to undergraduate students – BBA, B.Com, and even students of courses like M.B.A, things get very pathetic. Totally made up thesis reports, plagiarism, and the grammar can’t be edited without change in meaning. Sometimes, I do not understand what is being written. Without understanding the semantics of a sentence, syntax can’t be changed.

In my days, two decades ago, the government was very supportive of education up to Matriculation, or Class 10. The government, or the education system, would give ‘moderation’ or free marks to ensure that you pass out to the next class. If you need to go any higher than Class 12, then no ‘moderation’ or free marks were there. You got to earn it yourselves. That is why we have good scientists even to send our small spacecraft to Mars – a feat never achieved by any nation in their first attempt.

Currently our education system is something like this. You spend some time and some money in pursuing an undergraduate degree or an M.B.A. After the stipulated number of years, if you follow the system – bunk classes, make up attendance registers, use dissertations and thesis reports that are ‘recycled’ at least ten times – you get your degree, no matter what. Is has become as simple as that.

For thesis reports that are ‘recycled’ at least ten times, I guess the process is like this. It starts with fewer mistakes. Every typist who typed it would add to the errors and ‘typos’ of the former typist, and after about  ten ‘recycling’  the current report will have no resemblance to the original. I mean, “What does this sentence mean?” type of errors. Every report is ratified – signed and co-signed by the teachers also. ???

Personally, I would not recruit any of them. I am not an employer, and I do not intend to become one, but my advice to potential recruiters would be to stay clear of these people. These are people with degrees with the value of the paper that is used to print the certificates.