Slandering should be charged with first-degree murder

Man is unique from other animals that we need other people’s help for our very existence.  Take the case of a motorist.  His life depends not only on how well he can drive, but also on the disposition of the other drivers on the road.  If another driver is inebriated or “intexticated”, no matter how well he can drive, his life is in danger.  That is where the law and law-enforcement comes into play.  If we suspect that somebody is driving under the influence of alcohol, or without a proper license, or while texting on his mobile phone, we can call the nearby police station and pass the information on.  The driver will be arrested and hopefully will be taken off the road.  This is theory.

In practice, every time someone lurks on the border of impropriety; we might not be able to do something about it.  Even law or law enforcement has its limitations.  The offense has to be cognizable.  For non-cognizable offenses, it has to be proven in the court that someone has wronged against the society.  There are always criminal lawyers. There is always the benefit of doubt.

Since man is interdependent for his daily living, even wrongs committed in the dark, in complete privacy, even in our own thoughts are against everyone else in the society.  Because, thoughts are manifested as actions. In the opposite, every benevolent thought is good.  We do what we think. Every prayer is answered.

If every prayer and words-of-encouragement is answered, slander has the opposite effect.  It is murder on the realm of belief.  People who slanders are playing with the belief system of other people.  Only evil people do that.  And there are evil people in this world.  If they say that you are bad, that you have done something that you have not done; they are slandering.  They are committing murder on your image.  They are attempting to kill you in the society you live in.  Because man has a tendency to believe what he hear. Unfortunately, there isn’t any law against it.  I am not talking about infamous news in the newspaper.  I am not talking about false accusations in the media.  You can move court and file a libel suit in such cases.  But what about the slander spread in your society by people with certain vested interests?

How to tackle slander then?  By its inverse.  By prayer. By praying, and asking other people to pray for you.  Even people who slanders takes food everyday.  It is a virtue in its own right.  So these people are not all that bad.  Slandering should be dealt with charges of first-degree murder.  Until that day comes, let us pray that, “God they do not know what they are doing.  Please forgive them.”



True lies

A doctor was giving testimony in a court. A lawyer was examining him.

The lawyer asked, “ What did the patient tell you when you decided that it was you who was going to do the autopsy”?

—  What?”

For the second  question the doctor at least had a reply.

“ How did you know that this patient had died?”

“Because I had his brain put in a jar, in a solution, and kept before me in my table”.

Lawyers’ questions can be ridiculous at times,  and the court patiently goes through the procedure of scrutinizing  facts and figures in the quest of finding the truth.

We live in a world where information is readily available.  News is spread faster than wildfire. But how much of what is being popularized  is really true is debatable.  It is not a matter of contention that Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by a man on January 30 , 1948. It is widely reported that Gandhiji had said “Hey Ram” as his final words.  How?  Because the people who were standing closer to Gandhi reported it. What if Gandhi had said something else and these people were not able to truly construe it at that time? What if they just thought that Gandhi had said “Hey Ram” as his final words? What if Gandhi did not say anything ?  What the media reported that day we still believe as true.

A few years back, I was reading the news of the death of a Kerala businessman’s young son in a car accident.  The young son and his cousin was driving a car about 3 ‘o clock in the morning when he lost control of the vehicle and it capsized. The cousin who survived the accident had told the media,  “We were going really slow”.

Nonsense. For me, the cousin was lying blatantly. The accident was caused by a car that had lost control and capsized.  What was the reason? Speed, obviously.

The world’s 99% of the wealth is concentrated on 1% of the people. Even news are paid now.  To sell their ideas and wares these businessmen manipulate everything.  News, events, people, even our own brains. Beware!