The automated life

Tasker is an android app which makes your mobile phone super-customizable.  It can tweak and automate your phone to the next level.  Like turning off the ringer at night.  Or turning on the wifi as soon as you reach home.  Or even simple as starting the music player as soon as you plug in the headphones.  It is a paid app, but you can find the free substitutes; in either case just go to Google Play Store and search and download it.

Remember the Milk (RTM) is an incredibly popular website for to-do lists.  Anyone can create an account for free and use it as their daily to-do list.  From buying the milk and calling your parents to simple task management, the website helps to remember them all.  It has got a smartphone app also.

But what about people who doesn’t like keeping their lists on the internet or are not interested in using a smartphone? The good old paper lists would come in handy.  Just write down the things we need to remember and keep it in your pocket.  The best method is to always keep a list, and update it as soon as you find that something is needed to be added.  Like buying milk or sending an important letter.

Personally I do not find that smartphones or internet-enabled technology makes lives any better.  Plugging in the headphones might launch the music app.  But what music does it play? Hear the same music everyday?

Rather than the smartphone do it for me, I would rather select my music from the list.

In the first place I would plug in the headphones, launch the music app by just one-or- two taps; and then select the music I wish.  Why bother to download an app just to save two taps on the touchscreen?