Two classmates

It was late morning, certainly not noon, and Kuchela who was comfortably seated in his reading chair in the porch of his house and casually browsing through the newspapers saw his old friend and classmate Krishna coming to his house.  On a frenzy, he yelled to his wife who was inside of the house.


Fearing for his life, his wife came running about.

“WHO is coming?”


“Who is Krishna?” His wife asked.

“We studied together in school.  I did not have any money then.  He was very rich, and he used to help me.  But afterward, his business has failed.  He has a lot of debt, and all of his 16,108 dames are gone now.”

Kuchela added,

“Please do one thing.  You remove your ornaments and put it aside.  Move the big 42’’ TV and put it in the back room.  And change your clothes to something old and frayed.”

Kuchela’s wife did exactly as her husband told her.

Within a few moments Krishna appeared in front of his house.

Without even waiting for Krishna to enter, Kuchela went off.

“Krishna, I still remember the good ol’ days when we studied together.  But, things are very different now.  I do not have a regular job, nor we do not have any means of livelihood.  We just subsist like this. I would like to help you, but I can’t.  Sorry.”

Krishna did not say anything.  He just smiled at Kuchela and went back.