Mankind has contracted with a type of cancer

Every cell in the human body has certain specific functions. At a higher level, it is the synthesis of proteins. A cell in the eye produces a certain type of protein while the cells of the ear produce another type of protein; and a hemopoietic cell (blood-producing cell) in the bone marrow produces another type of protein. But they all originate from the same type of primitive cells. Stem cells are certain type of cells which can be made to evolve into any type of cell. So they say, if a person has a disease of the liver; the stem cells stored in a stem-cell bank (mainly cells from the umbilical cord at the time of his birth) can be used to produce the liver-cells the person badly needs.

But when cancer invades a particular body part, the cells lose their identity. If we examine the cells under a microscope, we can see that it loses its distinct identity and reverts back to a primitive form. This process is called “undifferentiation”. This is a medical term. This is true with cancerous cells of any body part. Cells which were originally evolved to perform specific higher functions of the body revert to its undifferentiated, primitive form.

It is believed that man is evolved from a primitive state. Science believes that man had a “hunter-gatherer” past which got evolved into a condition where he inhabited the land, cultivating it. Again, he started to engage in other activities like trade and commerce. We have a narrative, albeit a fragmented one, from early BC to the present where the story becomes progressively chronicled and archived better and better.

Man is a body with a mind. He has a soul also. DNA-wise, man is 98.9% similar to certain apes. In that regard, he has to put food into one-end of the digestive system, the alimentary canal, and excrete the waste products of it through the other end. He has to reproduce. His body needs a certain amount of rest and sleep to function properly. In that sense, we are similar to monkeys.

But man is much more dignified, and glorified, than any other animal on earth. We simply can’t behave like monkeys. Every human being has a special purpose for his existence. He is unique. But when man behaves in a way that he ignores his higher ideals and behaves just like a carnal-being, problems start to surface. For me, it is “undifferentiation” of mankind. It is cancer.

Man has got an intellect, and free-will, which are part of his higher self. That puts him into an obligatory state also. I believe our life is much more of a zero-sum game. A lot of religions teach us that diseases, and suffering, are caused by the deeds of man himself. If a man does no physical activity (which is his original calling) and eats all day long, he is almost certain to contract with a lot of diseases from morbid obesity to diabetes.

Modern man has abused his body to a large extend. For higher ideals, man and woman are supposed to marry and raise children. But if they behave like apes and indulge in promiscuous activities, like any other activity, more and more of it is required to sustain it. You can’t have too much of a good thing. Finally, man loses all interest in it and starts to seek partners of the same sex. Same-sex marriage and gay rights are nonsense. It is “undifferentiation” at the blatant best. (Notwithstanding the fact that gay people has to be considered with empathy and understanding).

All the knowledge in this world will not save the man. Discipline, and love and justice will. When Christian missionaries went to a place, they did not firstly start a big educational institution. First, they erected a cross and a church; then, a parochial educational institution. From there, man became edified and cultured; and got socially and economically uplifted. They became educated and enlightened.

The spread of knowledge alone should not be our sole aim. Kindness and goodwill should be. A lot of people argue that God’s laws are for anyone. No. It is not. Otherwise, it would be like the hypothetical situation where a terrorist organization receives the know-how for a nuclear weapon.


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