TAT and the schematic of writing a blog

There is psychological test known as the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) which is used by people from psychologists to potential employers. The test is quite simple. A theme is given, more often than not: a picture. And the candidate is asked to write a small essay about the theme. This is the apperception part. What is interesting about this test is the whole gamut of subjective emotions and experiences a simple picture can elicit which results in the candidates’ widely dissimilar literary compositions.

A lot of people believe that writing a blog is good. It brushes up on writing skills. It conveys your ideas to the world. Writing a blog is commitment. You have to deliver. It even develops self discipline. Putting your ideas to paper (or a computer screen) gives you satisfaction. It tells the world that you are still alive.

Blogging is writing. It conveys the writer’s subjective thoughts and experiences more than objective reality. The blogger conveys feelings that are unique to his point of view. I believe the more a person thinks and experiences the better he can write. Just as the proponents of TAT believe, this can reveal your personality. Since a blog is a chronicled list of your writings it can uncover your personality structure.

To write fiction, I guess writers have to put on the shoes of another person. We have to think, say, and act like another person – someone who is totally different than us. Every character has a distinct personality. So everyone would think and behave idiosyncratically. Our job as writers is to give life to the foibles. A lot of readers might like it. That is, on my point of view, a fruitful endeavor: writing fiction.


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