Jersey Cow

Everyone was ridiculing one particular student, who was sitting in the class, by calling him “Jersey”. Another student empathized with him and stood up in the class. Interrupting the teacher.

He said, “Sir, everyone is ridiculing him by calling him Jersey Cow”.

The teacher asked him who was being ridiculed upon.

He pointed his index finger out to the student who was sitting nearby.

“Please stand up.” The teacher asked.

The class erupted into laughter.

The student who complained was sure that he had done a really good thing. An act that would make his sins forgotten. A virtue. This feeling didn’t last long enough though, when he looked at the classmate whom he was supposedly helping out. His face was red with anger.

Seeing his livid face, the student who made the complaint sat down perplexed.

The teacher asked the pupil,

“Who is ridiculing you?

The class went wild with laughter and ridicule.

“Quiet please.”

The teacher whipped his cane onto the desk to make a loud thud. The class became silent again. To the point where the drop of a pin would be heard.

“Who is ridiculing you?”

The teacher asked again.

“No sir. Nobody did ridicule me”.

“Then why did he complain?”

“They were teasing me by calling me Jersey. A soccer Jersey. It has nothing to do with any Jersey cow.”

The class erupted in laughter again.

The student who made the complaint was almost crying now. To his good fortune, the teacher didn’t spank him for this.


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