The real winner

There were two friends in a small village in Kerala. They had known each other from childhood and had studied in the same school. One was rich and the other was poor. Both people got married and had children. They became old. And one day, while both people were talking and walking down the village road, they were hit by a truck that had lost control.

Both were taken to a hospital in the nearby town that was only a few miles away. Both men were lying in coma, when the rich man’s son came from abroad and decided to airlift his father to another hospital. The poor man’s family decided against it while the rich man was being transported via an air ambulance to another, big hospital. And the poor man breathed his last after a few days.

The rich man was admitted in a big hospital in the city. Though a couple of emergency surgeries were performed, he did not regain consciousness. He had an oxygen non-rebreather mask on his face while his vitals were being monitored in real-time via telemetry. Days passed into weeks and weeks passed into months. Still the rich man was lying unconscious in the hospital.

Doctors were analyzing him from various perspectives. Specialists were called on from emergency medicine, neurosurgery, orthopedics, and cardiology. His children had been informed earlier that since he was brought in time, in the first place, they were able to stabilize his cardiopulmonary system and perform an emergency surgery to correct the broken ribs that had pierced his lungs. His brain had subdural hemorrhage and an emergency brain surgery had been performed. Since he had longstanding issues with his cardiovascular system, a cardiologist was called on to consult with the medications. That was how they were able to save his life.

Shortly, the first anniversary of the poor man’s death had come, while the hospital where the rich man was being treated had a symposium on the topic of ‘Newer advancements in Trauma Care’. Other villagers attended the poor man’s requiem as well as heard about this conference when they came to visit the rich man. They had a dilemma — Who was the real winner?


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