K-Meleon Browser

In an earlier post ‘Need for Speed,’ I had expressed my wish that, “if someone develops a browser that is fast, resource-friendly, and secure.” Recently I came across a lesser-known browser that is in active development that fits into the above-mentioned category. Well, at least it comes pretty close. So if you are using a Windows-based PC – this is important, because a lot of its vantage comes out of the fact that it is a Windows-only browser – go and try out this browser. So, without any further ado let us head straight onto the review of K-Meleon.

K-Meleon works out on any computer that has a version of Windows running on it. It uses the same Gecko engine that is used in Mozilla Firefox. Come on, we all use Firefox, don’t we? Wait a sec. K-Meleon is different. It uses the same API of Internet Explorer. I am going someplace else. We all know how bad IE is. Please listen. This is the best of both the worlds. A Windows API – as of Internet Explorer with the power and versatility of the Gecko layout engine.

Mozilla Firefox with its XUL layer is made for all operating systems – Windows, Macs, Linux, and others. So when we use it on a Windows PC, it purportedly has unnecessary bloat on it. An API – short for Application Programming Interface is the user interface part of an application. The body of the browser. The user interface and the set of functions and routines that a Windows program uses. K-Meleon Browser uses the same API as of Internet Explorer. That makes it tightly integrated with the Windows desktop and it loads fast on Windows. I can think of K-Meleon as a browser with the body of IE with the brain and smarts of Firefox. Even if you use a new PC, K-Meleon says it is still lean and fast. It is in active development, means, developers are working on its code to plug any issues. So you can securely use this browser even for banking transactions.

I use it, and as far as I tested it, K-Meleon is good. It has tabs right on top of the browser where we can toggle on-and-off Java, Javascript, images, pop-ups, and also a button to kill Flash on the page. You can install add-ons, though this may slow it down a little bit. Cool. I admit, I still have difficultly opening gazillion tabs in K-Meleon and toggling all these tabs to kill Javascript and images – my processor seems to hang. (K-Meleon developers, please listen.) But if you are on Windows and only plan to open fewer tabs, this is one of those browsers you should definitely check out.


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