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The grass is greener on the other side

I have always tried to reject reality in a sense that everyday people and everyday circumstances are not at all ideal. Look at people here. If you go for a job as a manual laborer, the only way you could get it is convince people that you have never worked in an office setting. Personally, I do not like it. There should be a sense of equality. Look at developed countries like the United States of America. It is a capitalist country. Anyone can do any job there. Right?

Wrong. I had always believed that the United States is a land of great freedom and equality. Until I got an email from a recruitment agency based in Arkansas. Or Idaho. I do not remember. Some place in America. The thing is that they somehow believed that I am an American citizen. I am paraphrasing the letter.

“Wanted: Manual laborers. We have a huge requirement of daily laborers. Please call on the number that is listed here. Note: Please do not apply if you have a valid passport or hold a college degree.”

I no longer think of America as a great place in terms of equality of opportunities. They are plagued by the very vices I find appalling here. Only worse. Of course, people work part-time for all types of jobs there. In a supermarket. In a restaurant. Or in a jewelry. But I I feel this is just a part of the system. There is intrinsically no good in this. Rest assured, I still do not understand why it would become a handicap if you have a college degree or an American passport? As for living conditions, I feel I still have a lot of grass left in my current pasture.