The joke that was never published

Reader’s Digest invites original jokes and anecdotes from their readers. And they promise to give a grand (Rs 1000/-) for every joke or anecdote they publish. Last year, I decided to send them one anecdote from my life. But it never got published.

According to the editors of the Reader’s Digest, they get a lot of similar stuff on a daily basis. They have got this screening process where they check every joke they receive for authenticity. Reader’s Digest say, sometimes they search randomly in the internet; and a joke someone had sent would pop up from another part of the world.

I am still hopeful. One day they decide that they publish my joke, and their readers will enjoy it; and I hopefully get my money. Anyway, for my readers here is the joke that I had sent.

This is from the 1st Year Pre-Degree Chemistry labs. One student even after a battery of tests was unable to find the result. Here he goes:


In the chemistry labs, our assignment was to find out what salt we’re given in the clear solution by treating it with different chemicals and heating them. I was really engrossed in the work when I overheard a classmate, incidentally one of the brightest in the class, remark, “I think I’m given tap water for testing.”


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