Adding another dimension to our thoughts

A dot in space theoretically is of one dimension. Anything drawn on paper has two dimensions i.e. length and breadth. And 3-D objects are of three dimensions, namely, length, breadth and volume. Likewise, many times, especially when reading, say, from a newspaper; our comprehension of everything lacks a few dimensions.

Pravda is a famous Russian Political Newspaper. It has got an English edition also. A few years back, reports were aplenty that their standards have become so low that their English edition was tantamount to a collection of jokes. One example from their July 18, 2006 edition:

“Many US tabloids have been flooded with rumors that George and Laura Bush are to divorce after November elections. George and Laura Bush hardly ever speak to each other. A former employee of the presidential administration has reportedly told that Laura Bush once spent her night in a hotel to stay away from the White House. The reason: Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State.”

For me, I suspect how many Russians speak or read languages other than Russian? And if this the quality of reporting there, what would be their view about the outside world?

Back home, for a long time in my life I believed that Jesus went to the desert to start his 40-day fast. He had gone to a desert like the Sahara desert. Or the Thar desert in India. Because, in the Malayalam Bible the word-that-was-chosen-for-it was also synonymous with the word desert. But when I started reading English Bible, I had known that he simply retreated to the wilderness. He went to a desolate place. Simply put, he had gone to a place where nobody was there.

Also in the Bible when talking about divorce, Jesus is mentioning Moses’ law that a husband was able to give his wife a “vessel of divorce” and be able to get divorce from her. But in the English Bible, it states that Moses allowed men to get divorce just by giving a “divorce note.”

Again, I went back to the Malayalam Bible and found out that all these years, while reading through, I have been unwittingly adding a jot (or a tittle) to the Malayalam script which made all the difference causing it to change the meaning from a letter (a divorce note) to a utensil (vessel of divorce).

The moral: Learn another language. Or if we know two languages learn another one also. It will increase the dimensions of our comprehension and will enable us to view the world in 3-D.


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